Faye Moffett

Brandee is Tulsa's leading soul singer and songwriter, with each song contributing homage to various music styles, including urban soul, blues, and jazz.



Faye Moffett was born and raised in Arkansas. Over the course of twelve years, the Midwest fueled and shaped her unique soul sound. Working as a receptionist at a music recording studio, it wasn’t long before Faye's employers realized that she had more to offer than appointment bookings and scheduling. Though her first EP was not released, it struck a chord with her contemporaries and generated interest in what the future held for the Midwest’s newest star. 

Now in BlueHouse Media studios in downtown Tulsa, Faye is recording a Full LP, along with music videos, for her new singles, “Where Did The Love Go" and "Weekend.” Faye is supporting her new work with regional tours, press, and radio and television appearances. Follow her on social media to get updates and share her unique talent and musical vision with the world.